Air is natural abundant in the earth’s atmosphere.

Supply Options

BGF Supplies Air:

  1. Compressed in cylinder capacities
  2. In cylinder 40L-10L

Manufacturing Method

Natural Air is compressed in cylinders by compressors / produced artifically by mixing gaseous Oxygen & Nitrogen to required proportions.


Uses Of Air

Industrial Use

Air is used to calibrate environmental emission monitoring, industrial hygiene monitors and trace impurity analyzers and as balance gas for some calibration mixtures. It is also used as combustion gases for gas chromatograph detectors (flame ionization or FID, flame photometric or FPD) and atomic absorption (or AAS spectrophotometers. For various industries, it is used for pneumatic functioning of machineries.

Medical Use

Used in hospitals with artifical breathing apparatus, used in underwater diving & self contained breathing apparatus.

Physical & Chemical Properties:

Phase  gas
Category  Atmospheric Gas
Chemical Name  NA / Air is mixture of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon & Carbon dioxide.
Molecular Weight  28.95 g/mol
Relative Density ,Gas  1 (air = 1)
Vapour Pressure  Not applicable
Solubility [mg/l] in Water  22mg/l at 20°C
Appearance (Color)  Colourless gas
Odour  None
Toxic  No
Flammability Range  Non flammable
Asphyxiant  no
Atmospheric %  100%
UN Number  1002
Chemical Abstracts Service Number  132259-10-0