Gas Mixtures

The precise supply of a gas mixture is vital for the accuracy of analytical results of instruments / analyzers.

BGF offers calibration gas mixtures custom-made to specific requirements, filled in cylinder or customer-owned cylinder. We provide any composition of gas mixtures specified by the customer with concentration that ranges from less than 1 ppm to 50% vol., by employing sophisticated blending techniques.


The following are some gas mixtures scerrlyed by BGF, but not limited to:

  • Laboratory Gas Mixtures: Oxygen / Hydrogen / Hydrocarbons (CnHm) In     Nitrogen or Helium.
  • Welding, Fuel, Furnace and Food Grade Gas Mixtures: Carbon Dioxide/ Carbon Monoxide / Helium in Argon or Nitrogen.
  • Pollution control, Medical and Exhaust Gas Mixtures: Hydrogen / Carbon Monoxide / Carbon Dioxide / Propane in air or Nitrogen.
  • Sterilizing Gas Mixtures. (Ethylene Oxide in Carbon Dioxide / Halocarbon R12).
  • Respiratory Gas mixture (Carbon dioxide / Oxygen / Helium)
  • Blood Gas Analysis Gas mixture (Carbon dioxide / Oxygen / Nitrogen)
  • Spirometry Gas Mixture (Carbon dioxide / Oxygen / Nitrogen)
  • Instrumentation Gas mixture (Oxygen / Nitrogen)
  • Fuel Gas mixture for FID (Hydrogen / Helium)
  • Working gas for ECD (Methane / Argon)
  • Spectrometry Gas mixture (Methane / Hydrogen / Argon)
  • Shield Gas mixture for Spectrometers (Argon / Hydrogen)
  • CO2 Laser Gas mixture (Carbon dioxide / Nitrogen / Helium)
  • Excimer Laser Gas mixture (Fluorine / Hydrogen chloride / Hydrogen / Helium)
  • Incandescent lamps Gas mixture (Nitrogen / Argon)
  • Arc shielding gas for Welding ( Carbon dioxide / Helium / Hydrogen / Argon)
  • Leak detection Gas mixture ( Helium / Nitrogen)

other compositions can be prepared upon request. We would be pleased to receive any inquiry regarding gas mixtures not included in the above list.